The cost of living with Sutton United drawing with Bristol Rovers.

Orlov and Jeff Stelling capture how I felt after the Sutton Utd v Bristol Rovers game.

On all the key measurements I should have departed the Gander feeling more than content. Instead, I left feeling a bit deflated. I shouldn’t have as it’s a point in the bag and we move up to third place in the league. What’s not to like? Well, the penalty in the eighty fifth minute, it just didn’t need to happen Bouzanis didn’t need to engage the Bristol Rovers players, Sutton defenders were nearby to deal with it. I can’t put a VR Headset on to get a virtual reality view of what a goalkeeper sees to make them react as they do. Bouzanis better known as Deano on the Gander terraces, is a great goalkeeper with an infinite line of credit in the bank with Sutton fans. His distribution of the ball up the field is superb. Long may he continue to be Sutton United’s number one. What bodes well for Sutton is our team’s reaction to adversity is our reaction. After the penalty we surged forward, hunting down a goal for one of those late wins that fans live for. This team doesn’t settle we want to win. As we close in on fifty points and enter the twenty-five-point phase that could see us in the playoffs for promotion. On current form this is achievable, but the business end of the season will be tough. We need to make hay when Salford visit us on Tuesday.

My home game starts with a pre match lunch at the Gander. These lunches are a wonderful opportunity to meet either those coming grin overseas to see Sutton or chat to a Ground Hopper. Once such Hopper was on my table, these ground hoppers are great resource to learn about English league grounds as some football grounds come to a gracious end to be reborn. As Forest Green Rovers visit the Gander next Saturday, I am reminded they will be building a new stadium from wood. Football grounds are like second homes for fans, some have been priced out of those homes with high ticket prices, but Sutton continues to be fair value on the day and with season ticket prices. As the cost of living goes up this needs to continue. The club has always been creative in its pricing. Back in 2016 it was a case of give what you can. Club finances are the stuff of terrace chanting at Sutton with the chant “We’re going up with a tenner in bank”. Like so much football songs there is some exaggeration, a tenner, more like three quid 😁.

As Saturday became a more reflective Sunday with time to read and take on board some knowledgeable footy types on the Amber Planet my disappointment about the draw gave way to a better mood. Thinking back, Bristol Rovers had healthy spells in the game, came close to scoring from open play and are an in-form side. So, all said and done a draw was fair enough. Mark pretty much captures in this tweet how well we are doing this season. Reasons to be super cheerful.

I look forward to more reflection on the game from The Sutton Podcast. All the views that are fit to listen to too are on that, well worth a listen.

There is also the legendary and longstanding Gandermonium blog that takes you from someone’s house to the pub, to the Sutton United ground and back to the pub. It is a must read.




Passion for films with a sprinkling of tech, social media and sport.

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Shane Dillon

Shane Dillon

Passion for films with a sprinkling of tech, social media and sport.

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