In front of a new grandstand Sutton hit four past a beleaguered Scunthorpe.

New away stand not yet populated but soon it will be.

After a busy week, my Sutton United match day was the game and not much else. Pre match lunch was a no go so to were post-match drinks. What was left was great a four one victory over Scunthorpe. We scored all the goals if we consider the own goal Harry B scored. For the first twenty minutes the two teams competed evenly but once Milsom was on point to take the penalty we more than relaxed into the game with more goals to come. As happy as I was about the goals there was one that got away that saw me with that head in hands moment. This was when David Ajiboy, Kenny Davis combined brilliantly to set up Omar in an outstanding position sent the ball high and over. David had a great game; he is for fans seated or stood a player who grabs your attention. Omar also is a player busy around the pitch making in the best sense of the word ‘a nuisance of himself.’ He draws players in, forces mistakes from opposition players and earns us the odd penalty award.

We went in at half time three nil up. As a Sutton fan two nil up in the threshold for feeling ever so slightly relaxed. Three up with the second half beckoning you think we can go pile up a few more goals. This could be six or seven nil. Statisticians of the game think of our goal difference. For me anything beyond seven nil is veering into disrespectful territory. We in the end added one more to make it four and then we scored an own goal gifting Scunthorpe a consolation goal. This was a good example of redistributing the goal wealth of the game.

Like any house the Gander is place for improvement as we endeavour to settle into English Football League for a few seasons more. From the home end at the back of our goal we were in direct sight of our new stand in gleaming yellow. There is more improvement to come, one day we could be sat on six thousand all seated football stadium. On match days I choose to stand and jump around to celebrate but an all-seated stadium is the point of light for clubs who are attracting ever bigger crowds. Football has had its century of standing some of brilliant but on other occasions deadly and tragic. To add I am not in favour of allowing alcohol in the stands seated or standing in the English Football League. I can live without it for ninety minutes of game time. The drink before a game to calm the nerves and after to celebrate or commiserate is part of football. I admit to being a grump in this department as I was not happy when alcohol was sold at cinemas with all sorts of wine induced emotions coming from the cinema.

Leaving into the light of a great win at the Gander.

The game was over, time to clap the players off. No wine, no beer, just a walk home for some sleep. Our draw period is at an end and the potential for a winning streak to start with Rochdale coming to the Gander next week. A tougher task, a narrow win and another three points would keep us in the chase for a playoff place. When asked would I prefer a place at Wembley for the “Pizza Cup” or a play-off place for promotion. I would take a playoffs place. Who knows we could have both?




Passion for films with a sprinkling of tech, social media and sport.

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Shane Dillon

Shane Dillon

Passion for films with a sprinkling of tech, social media and sport.

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