I’m so bored with the SUFC

One from the archive, back when Sutton games were super exciting -)

When Salford took to the pitch at the Gander I saw red, Manchester United red. As a legacy Man Utd supporter for a nano second, I thought I was seeing Man Utd of old. Of course, Salford have played in other colours, orange being one allegedly because they got some hand me down kit from Blackpool. The United red came into Salford with the ‘Class of 92’ take over lead by Gary Neville. Along with that came some disaffected Man United supporters worn out by the ownership politics of Man United. On the whole football supporters are loyal to the clubs over a lifetime in the same way voters were loyal to a political party. The terraces have long sung a riff on “Melchester Rovers till I die.” Like political party support football teams should never take supporters for granted other options are available.

As for the game itself, the consensus opinion believes it to have been a boring game, but I thought it had its moments, though these were rationed out over ninety minutes. Suttons game against Salford cannot be dressed up as tactical battle, a game of three-dimensional chess but it had its moments. These attacks fizzled out or came in the form of a long ball forward from Sutton. I can usually tell when the potential for excitement comes in a game as I bring out the phone, hold it high and try capture a goal for my TikTok channel. I did this a few times so my blood pressure was mildly raised on a few occasions. You will not be surprised none of the videos I shot made it anywhere near TikTok. David A. had a few runs coming in from the wing. His runs can set the pulse racing. Sutton did fly the ball over the midfield in a style that took me back to the days of Jack Charlton’s Ireland. My memory of that era was the style was basic it had the effect of carving out results for Ireland of which very few Ireland fans complained about at the time. The tactics were basic, and every player and fan understood the approach.

Salford had more menace about them, especially in the first half. We were a bit on the back foot from the start. It is one of those games where we can commend our defence, got a clean sheet and another point in the bag. A fair result, I left the ground feeling better than I did after Saturday’s game against Bristol Rovers. The game was not that entertaining, it lacked drama but after conceding a penalty against Bristol Rovers in the eighty fifth minute I was glad to have a drama break. Ironically in my mind I had us beating Salford two one with the game against Forest Green Rovers this coming Saturday being a war of attrition ending in a goalless stalemate. Maybe, FGR game will see the return of some great drama. The stage is set.




Passion for films with a sprinkling of tech, social media and sport.

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Shane Dillon

Shane Dillon

Passion for films with a sprinkling of tech, social media and sport.

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